Where To Buy Beyond Organic Amasai

Like many health conscious people, you may have heard the buzz online about an incredibly
nutritious and nutritious cultured dairy product from Beyond Organic called Amasai, but
may not be sure where to purchase it.


Amasai, like other fine Beyond Organic products can be purchased through and independent
representative of Beyond Organic and Youngevity company. They come in packs of six and in
three flavors at the time of this writing.

Raspberry, Plain, Milk and Honey. You can order a pack with just one flavor, or a variety pack
is available with 2 of each flavor as well. Nutrition info is available on the site when you click here.


There are actually two ways to purchase Amasai, or any Beyond Organic Youngevity products.

1) As a retail customer: Just order on the Beyond Organic Youngevity 90 for Life site and you’re done.
Just wait for your products to arrive in a few days and then enjoy!

2) Become a preferred member for a one time fee of $10.00 and that will qualify you the opportunity to buy products
at a 30% discount.

You will not be obligated to order a certain about of products each month to get the discount, but
free shipping is available when you put an order on auto-ship each month to purchase, if your order
is over $50.00


Thanks for your interest in Beyond Organic and or Youngevity products.


If I can be of any help learning more about our products, just send me an email message or
call me. You’ll find my contact info on the

Youngevity site at: makethatchange.youngevity.com


Kim Ward

Youngevity ID: MakeThatChange


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